Wednesday, October 14, 2009

super duper ITCH!

This is huge news from ITCH and is hot off the press, well from Jodi, the creator and designer herself! ITCH is having a competition for all those little people out there to create two new characters to join the ITCH team for Summer 10/11. So, all you little creative people put your thinking caps on, grab your pencils, textas, chalk, paints or any medium you wish to choose and draw till your hearts content. Be creative, imaginative, cool, sweet, unique.... run wild with that imagination. There is a catch, only small and that is no help from mum or dad. I think that is fair enough and really when it comes down to it, a child's imagination is so creative, we should let them be the ones to create what every ITCH child will be wearing on their tee shirt next summer.

Email me at for entry forms. Make sure you watch out for ITCH week on Little Pinwheel, it is coming!..... one little secret is Little Pinwheel will have the WHOLE range from ITCH, but I am sure there will be more!

to view the super duper competition click on the image and it will go big!

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