Friday, October 23, 2009

our anniversary at the boathouse

Yesterday, 22nd October, was our wedding anniversary and we decided where better to go then where we got married. We put the little ones in the car and drove north to Palm Beach, only a 30 minute drive. Taj decided that he would not have a great sleep in the morning, so we were a lot earlier then what we thought we would be, more a brunch date!

The Boathouse cafe is located up at Palm Beach and is owned by one of our very lovely friends Bree. She was an interior designer and decided to make the move into owning her own cafe. What she has done to the place is divine, she has fantastic taste and not only an eye for interior styling, but a great eye for food! Coming from the restaurant business ourselves, well husband, we are very much into good food and a great atmosphere.

We had a great time hanging out with our beautiful children and it was nice to share with Keely where we got married and to help her memory of the day come alive again, as she was only 18 months. We actually got married on the beach side of Palmy, not the Pittwater side.... picture Home and Away and the lighthouse!

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