Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Magical Milky Way's SUPER Galactic Zoo

I have been on the hunt for a great book to put on Little Pinwheel and I have found it, well I was lucky enough to have it recommended to me. I am a lover of good books for children and I feel this book is everything I could ever want for my children. It is not like any other book, this book is more about what they see in their own imagination. It is fun, unique and it will inspire your children to draw, paint or paste their own illustrations. Yes, they get to draw in their own book, they are the illustrators!

The Magical Milky Way's SUPER Galactic Zoo is not too short and not too long. The length is designed to keep little people entertained. It is created using uncoated paper, an ideal surface to scribble and sketch on. It is also staple bound, so the pages open flat for them to draw and paste with ease. Printed in Australia using 100% recycled paper, this book really has it all!

The perfect stocking filler for Christmas (I bought one for Keely), and a great addition to the bookshelf. A book they can keep. The story is beautiful and it will have their imagination go wild.... There's nothing else quite like it in the galaxy!


  1. This book is fantastic - thanks for letting us know about it!

  2. my pleasure! it is a great book and I cannot wait to give Keely hers so she can create her own story through her pictures and imagination.



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