Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the planning

One has to plan a trip away with their little ones and I am trying to fit in the planning with the everyday life. We did do a trip around Australia with Keely when we sold my husband's cafe, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve! Obviously her development has changed, so have her interests, and now I have one more child with me and I don't have an extra set of hands!

The best thing with Keely's development is she is really into craft and every medium of it. This makes for a lot of fun for me too as I love to do creative things. For our trip there are two things that I know we will be packing, one of them is our new book, The Milky Way's Super Galactic Zoo, for some drawing and imagination. The second will be our new friends from Craft Schmaft which have just arrived in store today! We will be making at least one of our little friends, a Mini Owl, a G-raf, or a Woof Woof.

We are planning on going to the zoo, aquarium, lots of playing at the park behind Federation Square and shopping (that is for mummy)! I am lucky as Keely loves to shop, so it will be great to explore and see what we can find in all the hidden wonders of Melbourne. It will be a super trip and I cannot wait to share my experiences! If it gets out of control at least mummy will have a craft schmaft friend to cuddle too!

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