Friday, July 31, 2009

organic markets

We ventured out as a family last Sunday to the organic markets. It is not that we actually needed anything in particular, it was a new fun thing for us to do on our family day. Interesting enough I found there was not too many organic products at the markets, but they had a wide variety of different produce, plants, gifts and fun things for the kids to do.

We had to have a mission and the mission I had was to find something yummy for dinner. I found great selection of chorizo sausages. They had the regular chorizo through to the hot spanish chorizo. I decided to get the hot spanish and use it in a risotto with some lemon, herbs and peas.

My daughter Keely had some fun on the rides at the markets and while she was having fun with dad I had a walk around, did some people watching and had a closer look at all the delicious produce. How fantastic it was to see someone selling blossoms, it is lovely to see that Spring is coming.

One thing I noticed with my people watching is there seems to be the market goer who only comes to the markets to eat. They go around from one stall to the next eating all the samples of food. I followed one couple, which was quite funny to watch as they pretended to have the intention to buy the product, but really they were just having their lunch!

I really love going to a fresh food market as you are supporting local businesses and buying Australian products. Although I did buy arborio rice that is from Italy, but I enjoyed eating it!


  1. oh yummy, risotto is my favourite dish !!

  2. Its 8.30am and I am starving for risotto now. would you mind popping down to melbourne and helping me make some? I'm a terrible cook. Lol and can't beleive people would get there whole lunch in samples. haha that is something else..

  3. Is this the Orange Grove markets in Lilyfield? We used to live right across the road; I miss my Saturdays there!



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