Sunday, July 19, 2009


Our family Sunday was full of exciting and wonderful things. Firstly we went to the Polka photo shoot for winter, it was fabulous! This is top secret though and I will share great things with you closer to the season next year. I know I am cruel, but we do have summer to play with first!

Yesterday I had bought big chalk to draw on the concrete from our local craft shop. When we arrived home from the Polka shoot we went downstairs and put it to good use with hopscotch and drawing pictures. I love the games we used to play as children and this used to be one of my favourites. Although I am pretty sure I had the hopscotch drawn wrong, I still remembered how to play. It was great to watch Keely throw her rock and hop and bounce away. The best thing about it was the giggles we had!

After all the hopping we drew pictures of people, which is Keely's favourite thing to draw. I have not shared mine with you as the enjoyment is not from my artistic ability, it is from our children's imagination.


  1. Bonjour !
    First time i come across your blog,
    i wanted to invite you to check out my daily collages inspirations if you have some time, i hope you will like the visit :)
    a bientot !
    Boubouteatime xx

  2. Your blog is lovely!
    I love this hopscotch story, and the photos are gorgeous!!



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