Saturday, July 11, 2009

magazine ad photo shoot

Little Pinwheel was busy yesterday snapping away for a magazine ad for the Kid Style File page in Shop 4 Kids out in August. The image needed to be summer stock and with a short deadline there was no time to get samples from suppliers so we used the beautiful, soft organic cotton range from Nature Baby, which we had in stock waiting for the blossoms to be in bloom. I think Nature Baby is divine and I have so much of it for Taj, each piece is a great basic and they match back with loads of his Polka gear, Mill and Mia and his quirky Tiny Mammoth.

When working with little ones you need to be very quick and these are a few fun shots we came up with.

the photographer, husband and the dadda


  1. These are such sweet photos!

  2. awwww, gorgeous pics again. Look at those yummy little are such a cutie Taj



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