Wednesday, July 15, 2009

divine simplicity

My super photographer husband has been at it again taking amazing images of this beautiful house in Pine Street Manly. I am sharing this house with you for the simplicity of the children's bedroom. I adore a room that is well designed and hides all the clutter that we have when we have children. This is one thing we are trying to come up with for the design of our 2 bedroom apartment. That in itself is a whole new story and I will hopefully share that with you all when we find the time to do our interior design renovations. Like this house I think it comes down to great cabinetry work, which this house has lots of. I am in love with the door in the kitchen, such a sucker for the old with the new. I also have a huge obsession with red and wish I could take the children's bedroom door off to bring home to my house! Actually I think it would be better if I just moved in! Do you think they would mind if we swapped?


  1. Oh oh oh, how gorgeous, I love it. My place is new ... and all white ... but after building it we had no money left to fill it with beautiful stuff like this. thanks for sharing, your guy is some photographer.

  2. Thanks, I am the owner of this house and the photos really do justice to our fab renovation (your husband is a great photographer). Although I have to say it doesn't always look this tidy. I have two small boys under five and at the moment we have a big ikea tent up in the living room and lots of cushions everywhere!

  3. I also must thank our great Architect, Rod Bowry from Rodney Bowry Design Studio and Four Hammers our builders, for doing such a great job.

  4. What a beautiful house! I love the use of natural timbers and white!



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