Wednesday, July 29, 2009

blossoms at little pinwheel

We are all eagerly awaiting for the summer stock to arrive for Little Pinwheel. It is all going to start coming in a couple of weeks and it is going to feel like Christmas! I thought I would share some of my excitement by giving you a sneak peek at some of the stock that is coming. This is only a little glimpse of what I have coming. Seriously it is going to be HUGE and Little Pinwheel will be in full bloom before you know it!

Yesterday I received the gorgeous bean bags and some lovely shoulder bags from Cocoon Couture. I am very excited to be stocking this label as I have one of the bean bags for my daughter and I think they are divine and become a great design feature in any child's room.

Here is a peak at the summer stock coming. There are styles from Polka, Rittenhouse, Sudo, Three Little Trees, Chalk n Cheese, Mill and Mia, Heavenly Creatures, Tiny Mammoth, Itch Design and Nature Baby.... I can only show a few of what is coming, not all brands are shown in the photos! In a few weeks you will see more!


  1. Summer will be exciting! I love those Cocoon Couture shoulder bags. We also have the bean bags and they are simply the best! Look brand new to this day, even after being used by 1 and 3 year old boys!

  2. Ohhhh...keep me away from your store Hayley!!

  3. Oh how I covet the Cocoon Couture pink bean bag. I have just never been able to convince DH that it is worth the investment!!!

    Summer is looking very bright indeed.


  4. Looks like you've got some great stuff in for boys. I *heart* great boys clothes. My boys will be very grateful. *Meaghan

  5. I just adore Cocoon Couture, and especially those little bean bag chairs. My daughter has one and her and I both use it equally because it's perfect for lounging, reading or snuggling. Definitely worth the investment.



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