Sunday, August 2, 2009

My girlfriend, Trudie and I hosted a high tea on the weekend for our friend Pip's birthday. It was so much fun designing the invitation and organising all the yummy food. Trudie did a lovely job decorating the table and hosting it at her amazing home.

I made smoked salmon, cream cheese and chive sandwiches and chocolate dipped strawberries, which Trudie asked I make after seeing the photos from my previous post on treats. They were also great to go with the champagne Trudie had bought.

Trudie made cucumber sandwiches with butter and she also added treats for the adults, more chocolate goodies and a yummy cake. There was also a homemade tea cake made by one of our other friends, but there are no photos as we ate it all before an image was taken! I will have to get the recipe for that one!

It was a fantastic morning as the children got to play and have their own tea party.

The view was spectacular and Trudie's interior design concepts are divine. They are just about to renovate their home and I cannot wait to see how it all comes together.

The high tea all came together just from a simple conversation about teas.... I wonder what Trudie and I will come up with next!


  1. Looks lovely :) And what an amazing view!

  2. What a magnificent idea, one I hope you don't mind me borrowing for my next birthday, I am an Earl Grey girl myself.

    Love that the children had their own tea party too.


  3. borrow away, it was so divine and such a lovely way of catching up with girlfriends with children. I know my daughter's next birthday will be a mini tea party!

  4. High tea is my favourite meal! And should be done a lot more. I have posted a blog love token/award thingo for you over at my blog. Sandra x

  5. gorgeous pics and i especially love the high tea ones - reminds me of fun childhood memories spent playing grown ups and serving tea to my mom and my grandma :)

  6. Wow - these look like they are straight out of Donna Hay magazine! Beautiful job.

  7. thanks steph, I actually took these ones and not my husband so he must be teaching me well!



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