Sunday, July 5, 2009

mathilda's market

We ventured out as a family today on a beautiful sunny Sunday to Mathilda's market in Lane Cove. It started off well as we were directed up to the grass of this amazing private school. I had just made the comment about how we were ruining their lovely green grass with everyone driving on it and parking their cars on there, when we became bogged in the grass; the grass that was more lush than first thought! Funny enough there was a man who was directing the cars up into this very muddy match and not taking any notice that car after car was getting stuck, he was too busy enjoying his coffee! We did eventually get out and I quickly drove the car off the grass, like a mad woman, and parked in the school grounds carpark. I left my poor husband behind who stayed to try and help other cars out. One poor lady did not get out and when we had finished at the market she was still there :( I hope she got to enjoy the markets!

For those of you who don't know Mathilda's market is a fabulous niche market offering handmade products, that are unique and stylish for your little people. The artists and designers are hand picked to ensure an exciting product range. The markets have been going for four years now and are showcased in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

I saw a couple of great stalls that I thought were worth a mention. The first being Babyushaka which is Australian designed muslim wraps for your baby. It is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane so it has fabulous stretch to 160cm. Their little tag line is 'a womb with a view.' The great reasoning behind this is your baby now gets to be as snuggly as they were when they were all curled up safely in your womb, but now it is a womb with a view...! You may just see Babyushka on Little Pinwheel in the future!

The second stall I am very excited about mentioning is Craft Schmaft which is designed and made in Australia by yourself. Yes that is right you make these gorgeous animals yourself for your little ones. You get these little kits that includes everything you need, you can use your sewing machine or you can hand sew. Claire is a creative mum who started sewing animals for her son out of odd socks, which I know I have plenty of! You can even buy the patterns and sew these beautiful friends for your little people from your own odd socks. But when you see the socks Claire has and the personality they give the animals, you will be happy enough to buy the whole kit. Watch out as these little animals may just make it on to Little Pinwheel soon for you to create.

these are my favourites, I could see one of these friends sitting on my bed

It was a fabulous day out at Mathilda's market, a market full of creative, inspirational Australian mums. Be sure to drop in next time they are in your town as it is worth a visit. Keely had her face painted for the first time, so cute! We all had some mini cupcakes that were divine...wish I bought more! We finished the day off with a play at the park. We have now named Sunday "family day" which I am sure most of you call it!

my poppet with her face painted!

the self portrait as we eat our cupcakes in the sun and Keely showing her cupcake off

playing at one of our favourite parks South Curl Curl, or better known as 'Curly Park"


  1. Wow the markets looked like great fun!!! Thank you for profiling some of the stores too! Great to see what type of stalls are at the markets as will probably go to the ones in Brisbane now!!!!
    Thank you once again!

  2. Yay exciting, we are doing brisbane next weekend!



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