Sunday, July 12, 2009

sunday brunch

We threw a brunch for my lovely girlfriend Pip today as it was her birthday during the week. It was a great excuse to get together over some divine food and a cup of tea as the kids had a fabulous play date. My husband is not only the fabulous photographer for Little Pinwheel but he is the chef of the house and he has a talent there too.

I really am enjoying this new family sunday thing we have going on!


  1. How on earth do u get your photos so clear ! ???? Looks like a gorgeous day ... My roast lamb is in the oven now ... mmmmmm

  2. hubby has the "good" camera and he has shown me how to use it so between us we shoot away and I do the re-touching as that is my creative area. It has been a fantastic day, although no time to take photos of the guests as we were too busy eating and talking! yum roast lamb... when do you want me? xx

  3. I just had roast lamb ! YUM, gotta love sundays. Beautiful photos as talented.

  4. Gorgeous photos, and yummy looking brunch.

  5. Beautiful photos and sounds like it was an amazing brunch!!

  6. The smeared hands has to be my fav. its just all about the senses! Thanks so much for your lovely and perceptive comment on Jo's giveaway about our illustration. Its great to find your lovely blog.



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