Monday, February 20, 2012

putting the big f in fun

There is something about thinking positive, and hoping for the best. Although that statement for me does not reflect the negative outlook I have had. But luckily for me, I had a few people telling me to suck up the positive, and have the hope. And that I did.

We have a new home. That weight has gone, and the next, well I am thinking positive straight up, and hoping for the best. This part I am going to make fun. This is the part where you pack your whole life up and put it into boxes, turf the crap we have accumulated in the short 6 months, hire some men to move us, and then do the whole unpack thing. This is going to be fun. Did you hear me? Fun!

The best thing is the little people will help pack a little to see the fun side, (don't forget to add some awesome tone in the word fun when you read it), and the bit where mum might swear a little, they will not see. They will move into a whole new home that is all set up as if it was picked up by a big hand and plonked right into a new space. This is how I did it last time, and this is how I will do it again.

I will be honest and say I worry about them. I worry about those little people having their lives changed again. Although, I did it. I gave Keely what she asked for; a home where she can ride her bike right out of the garage with no hills. A home where she can ride her big girl bike.

And for me, I did it. I helped my daughter's health.

Rock it, we have a new home. A fresh start that is going to be awesome, and a whole lot of FUN.


  1. They have a loving, kind, wonderful mumma - no matter what, they will be fine. I'm very glad you ave found a home. Good luck with making moving fun! I hope you can! x

  2. Good luck will rock your new home where ever it is :)

  3. I am so happy to hear that you have found a new home and yes FUN indeed. Kids love that kind of stuff - a new place to put their favourite toys and bed.
    Hope all goes well.



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