Thursday, February 9, 2012

proud of her

I always thought she was clever with her creativeness, and I think my girl rocks it when it comes to painting and drawing, and anything crafty. She may not be up there with the other children in reading, but she is doing awesome with her art.

I know that being awesome at art won't make her into the doctor she would like to be, but it sure does give her some confidence to know that she is great at something she loves.

Plus I get to do the proud mum moment.

It was nice to pick Keely up today and show her the image on my phone of her painting. It was my proud mum moment to her. The painting hangs in her classroom, and I spotted it last night along side her classmate's paintings. Sitting in her chair and listening to her teacher about the year ahead is exciting. Last year I was not involved, and this year I am making the time to stand right beside Keely with her schooling.

I am proud of Keely in more ways than her artistic ability. She has held me together more than she will ever know. To move her out of her family home last year, and for her to accept a new woman in her life, and for her to keep being that little person has been beautiful. My girl has something; she has a way about her.

I am proud of you little girl. x


  1. Good for you and Keely! I think it takes a certain amount of confidence to get involved in your children's schooling, I myself am slightly intimidated by the 'school yard' but for my daughters sake I am trying to embrace it, so she feels confident and positive about the school experience :) Love the painting!

  2. what an amazing piece of art. she is one special little girl, raised by one special mum! xx

  3. Hi,
    I have a 6 yr old daughter who loves her art and craft also.
    I watched this at my daughters school last night and thought you might like it.
    It talks about embracing their creativity and trying to hold onto it as long as possible.



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