Thursday, February 2, 2012

believing in yourself

They say, 'slow and steady wins the race.'

With everyday life I am at it like a bull at a gate. I like to get things done. I am not one to sit around and do nothing. Maybe I have ants in my pants. Maybe I am just one determined chick. It is in me. Mum taught me to be that woman with balls. She brought me up believing that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. That I can do the things that men can do. She did it. Mum lived a life on her own. Although she was not completely on her own, she had her children, and she had her beautiful friends, and her successful business.

I think a lot. It might be perceived as a bad attribute, or some might see it as a good attribute. I try and think of the consequences of my actions, and sometimes I don't think, and over analyse it after the fact.

With running you need to have a strong head. You need to be together up there, and most importantly you need to believe in yourself. This is where my mind can go weak. This is where it ticks over and it can be all negative.

This morning I could not run.* I didn't even lace up my shoes. I was over thinking. Something that had happened was stopping me from believing in myself, and the things I want.

I want to go slow.

I think there is nothing wrong with going slow; I will win the race. Isn't that how it works? Life is busy. Life is fast paced, and sometimes you need to stop being that bull at the gate, and pull it back. You need to enjoy the moments around you, and go slow. Imagine if you were always that bull, you would miss the beauty in life, and the things around you.

On saturday I am racing. It is a race that is the step towards the big picture. It is a mind test for me. It is my moment to be slow and steady. To have that strong head, and to believe in myself. The race is short. It is fast paced. But I am not going to be that bull. I am going to be the smart one. I am going to open the gate before the race, and I am going to go steady.

If I believe I can do it, and I believe in myself; I can do anything.

I believe I can run.

(I also believe my mum was one smart woman. Who would have thought that after 5 years of her not being here, I still hear her words, and I still learn from her. Thank you mum).

*I am going to lace up my shoes, and go for my training run.


  1. Good luck for the race. I am sure you will do well, How often do you train? How do you get time with the kids?

    I am trying to run more, but am so buggered in the afternoon and have 2 kids so it is hard. I think this afternoon I need to go for a run. Yesterday I did not run but walked around and clocked up over 8km of walking, My partner is also running and of course he runs better and faster than me.

    1. hello! It is nice to hear you like to run, and the walking is great too. It is hard with little people, and the fatigue you feel. I know for me the evenings is really hard to run. I think if that is when I always ran I would eventually get into a routine. I personally think it would be hard the first few times. One thing I read was that you always feel better when you get home from a run, not worse than you felt before you left.

      I run a lot in the mornings. My son is in 4 days of care, and my daughter is at school. I make the running part of my life, not take over it. My coach is teaching me that one, and it is a good thing to learn. I train a lot. Sometimes 6 sessions a week, and other weeks only 4-5, with sometimes an extra session thrown into one day. I am training for a full marathon so I need the miles in my legs.

      If you can only get out for a run twice a week, it is better than one, and if you can only get out once, it is better than none. I am sure you will find your balance.

      I hope you find your balance, and I hope you can run with your partner at times too. It is nice you both like to run.


  2. good luck on Saturday...i guess it's the Dee Why...hope you have a great run. steady, steady...then let rip in the last 2kms...dp x

  3. Hope you had a fab run today.... It was a perfect morning for it x



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