Sunday, October 16, 2011

working to dream; dreaming to run

The career. Do you have one, strive for one, or could not care less for one? Gone the day where you stayed in something for 30 odd years, and retired gracefully knowing that you had grown with a company. Although, I do know a few people that have rocked the ten years. I find that impressive.

For me the career is a dirty word. I think it has too much pressure, and kind of nails you down. Being the creative person, I am forever thinking of new things, or things to make the old things, a little bit new again. I have jumped around a little in what I want out of life. I started with food, quick to get out of it, and hit the retail floor. From there I became a manager, buyer, sales representative, and then dipped my toes in production. Got over it, as I do, and used my creative head to start my own graphic design business. Worked for an immigration law firm, putting their proposals together; making them look pretty, read some books, and scored myself a job with channel nine graphics. Then I jumped back into fashion with my own business, using my creative head to photograph, and design behind the scenes of Little Pinwheel.

So I guess with this you could say I have built a career with my business, using all of my knowledge to make something of Little, and Lady Pinwheel. If a career is something you stay in for years, whilst striving for it, and for you, to be more, then yes I have a career. If it means I am completely tied to what it is today, with no growth, and just being stuck behind a desk, then it isn't a career. (Well, I am rarely at my desk. I am out there thinking, and getting more for my business).

If you put your mind to it, you can do anything. Right?

At the end of this working week, I decided it was time to believe in myself. Time to believe that there is more for me alongside the Little and the Lady Pinwheel, and more for me alongside being a mum to my children. If someone else believes in you, is that enough to start believing in yourself?

I believe that answer is yes. I have already proved that by self studying to be a graphic designer, and working alongside university degree work colleagues. My mum believed in me to be that person. And I became that.

I kind of have big dreams. But I guess we all do to some respect. And dreams do come true (?). You just need to believe in them, and you. That is the hard part, and the mind game I am playing.

This lady has decided to rock the dance floor with her runners. I have a new dream; a running career. Nothing happens unless first we dream*.

*not my fortune, but a fortune seen today, and borrowed. {thank you lovely}! it took away my fear of publishing this post.


  1. I've worked for the same company for 9 years - & I'm not happy. I see what you do with your business & your life, I see your strength(even what you think are weaknesses) & I admire you! I dream of having a successful business like yours & maybe one day I will - if I drop the fear! I've finally contacted a TAFE about studying Graphic Design - lets see if I can do it. And to sound even wankier - you inspire me a lot! Keep doing what you're doing, I'm sure your Mum & your kids are very very proud of you - & you should be very proud too! And in the words of someone I admire, 'Rock on'! xxx

  2. I've been a graphic designer for the last 18 years OMG, I just realised how long its been! My current in-house job has been the longest - over 6 years. In the UK I worked in advertising, newpapers, marketing and freelance. I admit I'm stuck in a rut - its not creative anymore, its comfortable, which I hate. I would love to really design for myself - I just need to get my bum into gear and get on with it! Your an inspiration Hayley, good luck to you x



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