Tuesday, October 25, 2011

solid gold

Work with no play is not as much fun. You add a little bit of sunshine, giggles, a few water slides, some awesome friends, a beach, and work rocks.

I took my little girl away with me for a girl's weekend to the Gold Coast. I had a work meeting yesterday and I thought why not be the cool mum, pull her out of school for a couple of days, and spend some fun times with her. I am lucky to have a beautiful friend that lives right near Burleigh Heads, and close to the fun parks. Keely chose to slide it up at Wet and Wild. I of course took over the park with my friend. I know it was about Keely, but come on, put a slide in a girl's face, and I go wild.... I have the burn mark down my spine to prove I had no fear!

Keely loved being just with me.

It was all about her, with a little bit of me.

Beautiful friendships were made.

And friendships grew.

Twenty questions were asked. Keely grew more from my answers. {She is getting big, and I love watching her become more of the daughter I could only dream she would become}.

I am proud. I am lucky. And I sure am blessed.

I love her.

I love walking with her.

And just being within the moment; her moment, our moment.



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