Tuesday, October 11, 2011

to take a bow in acceptance

When someone pats you on the back, and says well done. Do you slap them a high five, and say, "rock on!" {Well, you might say, "thank you"}. Or do you bow your head, and kind of accept the pat, and quickly change the subject?

How does one accept the fact they are rockin' it in life, without coming across as the crazy happy person, that everyone loves to hate?

Ok, well I am not talking completely about me, this is more in general. I am happy, but I am not always rockin' it in life. I think for someone to rock everyday would be a little random. I think you would be missing out on the normality of life. I actually think I have at least one element of chaos in my day, and a lot of the time that involves me being mother of the year. {Please tell me, you are hearing the sarcasm, as I am far from the top dog of mothers}.

I "have" to have two coffees a day. They have a double shot in each. One coffee for each child. I have requirements to get me through each day, and sometimes, ok let's be honest, most of the time, the requirements don't help at all. But I do manage to suck up all those awesome things that have happened in my day. Things I have made happen, my little people have done, strangers have done, and my ace friends have done, or said. It can be as simple as a stranger smiling at you, or a regular person you see in your routine, that happens to buy you a sneaky coffee, just because you are you.

The small things that are awesome in each day, I take. The pats on the back, I personally don't know how to take. Maybe one day I will, and maybe I won't. I am a person that is hard on myself. I am always pushing for more. I think that this attribute, or bad part of me, will be the thing that will see me succeed in aspects of my life. It may not make me mother of the year, or an athlete that competes in the olympics, but I will try with my two coffees to rock it my way.

I will hold my head up, long enough to say the words, "rock on!" And know this does not make me that crazy happy person you all love to hate.

Now I bow my head, and I look forward to those two coffees in the morning.

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