Monday, October 17, 2011

mother of the year; wearing the badge

We all strive to be her. We all want to slap that badge on our chests.* Wear it with pride. Wear the big smile, and think we are all that; mother of the year.

Oh yes, she is awesome. I am her. Did you know that I slap that badge on my chest every single day? I yell at my children sometimes. I have to walk away, close the door, and have some crying moments on my own. I say NO a lot. I bribe them with things so I can have my morning coffee, or do the shopping. I put them to bed before 7 every night, and I love it when I hear silence.

Oh yes I am awesome. I am her. I am the mother of the year. Did you know that I slap that badge on my chest every single day? I laugh with my children. I make them laugh. I play with my children. I teach them about life. They teach me about life. I walk with them. They cry, I hold them. I say YES a lot. I love it when I hear little tip toes in the morning. I love the big jump on my body, which quite often hurts. I love the giggles and smiles my little people bring me everyday.

Oh yes, you are awesome. You too are her.

What makes one mother, mother of the year, and another just a mum? I believe we all wear the badge. We are all her. How do I know this? I asked my little people, and this is what they say to me all the time.....

Taj: you are my mummy
Keely: no she is my mummy
Taj: no, my mummy
Keely: no my mummy
Taj: she is both our mummies

Yes, Taj completes the fight over me with a plural, as if I am two mums rolled into one. And I guess I am two mothers wearing the same badge; laughing, and crying.

Congratulations, you are mother of the year..... Ask your little people. Or better still, just look at the way they love you, there you will see the answer; you are her.

*Everyday without fail, I have a mother of the year moment. It can be one way or the other, and I just roll with it. One day I can be the best mum, and the next I can suck. Or even in a moment I can rock it, and the next suck at it. I guess that is parenting. We sometimes have to be mean to be kind. I don't like the mean mummy, but who does? I have a bunch of friends who play the mother of the year badge game. We pass it around, and wear it with pride.


  1. another amazing post. you really are mother of the year! xx

  2. just so i had some minutes to read through all this post...and really we could be all proud of ourselves...of our life and of what brings the best out of us...of our children...thanks, dear friend always for your clever thoughts...;)...i give you a hug and hope that you had a fantastic weekend with your sweeties...cheers and hugs...and take care...i...



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