Friday, October 7, 2011

happy 3 rocker fingers taj

There is a big little guy sleeping, who is going to wake up tomorrow all big. No more two rock on fingers to show his age. It is time for the three finger rockstar to show his age.

Happy 3rd birthday to my little big guy. He is full of spunk, in touch with his feminine side with his emotions, and loves his mumma to bits. He is going to rock his life.

No party tomorrow. Just a whole lot of whatever he wants, and in 2 weeks, when I can function again after school holidays, I will throw a little rockers party for my rockstar. Keely has organised all of his pressies, and drawn lots of pictures for her brother.

Enjoy your weekend, ours is going to rock with three rocker fingers.


  1. Ah our boys are so close in age! happy birthday to an awesome little lad! xx

  2. How cute is he ... Hope turning 3 rocks for you Taj. Have a fun day!!

  3. HappyHhappy Birthday to your big boy...he looks so sweet...wish you a wonderful day with your two wonders...much fun, more sweets and big presents...all the best, my dear friend...take care and enjoy your time...a big hug...cheers...i...



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