Thursday, July 31, 2014

runners can swim

Today I was counting, one, two, three, four. I was back in the pool, counting strokes, following the line and counting laps. For the first time in three weeks I smell like chlorine, and I have crunchy hair. Oh, and I feel pretty damn good too. There is something about following that black line, and being in that meditative state. There is also something awesome about a lady telling me after my swim, 'you are a very good swimmer, I was watching you!' Maybe runners can be swimmers too. If only I didn't breathe every fourth stroke, and actually learnt how to do the good old fashioned three stroke breathe technique. 

I think I should just take the compliment and go and put my crunchy hair in the sun for a bit!

Little pinwheel has a sale on the ladies mash up saltwater sandals… check it out, they are only $50 each 


  1. I wish I could swim. I have always been able to run and it has always come naturally, but my swimming style or lack thereof always stopped me in becoming a triathlete or being competitive at all with swimming. I would have loved that! I would love to be able to swim!! GO YOU!

    1. I was surprised, as I didn't think I could swim, and I am not sure if you would call my lapping any kind of style! Jessi, it is never too late to get stroke correction, and enter into a triathlon race…!!!



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