Wednesday, June 25, 2014

whacky wednesday

Last night I bribed my children. {Some might call it parenting when treats or the television are used}. It all happened when I was not really into being the yelling mum, that only leads to me getting upset as I try harder to break up whatever is going on between the two of them. One was kicking the other, and one was poking the other. It was one of those silly sibling moments that was not going to end in a hurry and if it did, or when it did, it would end in tears, and usually from both of them. 

I am into letting them work it out between themselves. However so close to bedtime, I decided to stop the tears before bed, and suggested Keely hopped either on her bed, or her brother's bed and read him a book. 

Keely went out to our cool book collection, (the op shop finds), and pulled out 3 Dr Seuss books. She read all 3 of them. Taj sat listening, and even read his words he knew from school. 

Last night I won a battle with books. {And I will use it again, and again, and again}! In the end they also won, as they stayed up a little later than usual, and both fell asleep happy and dreaming about bears on wheels, on a whacky wednesday, and with curls and braids and beards and lashes.

Sweet dreams.

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