Thursday, June 5, 2014

the hunt for the money tree

The moment where you take yourself into your children's room to sit on their floor and cry, is not an awesome moment. I wish I could say it was because I cheated yesterday when baking with my little guy and used Betty Crocker as my chef.

Betty is good, and we all deserve a shortcut in parenting sometimes. Plus the end result is still the same. You have one happy little assistant chef enjoying a cupcake he helped create and decorate.

I am trying to get to the end result with my injured leg. Although it is not as easy as, book in surgery and get it done. I unfortunately don't have private health insurance, and the wait will be up to 18 months for the public system. Plus once you have surgery you alter your structure permanently. I have decided to take smaller steps and hope that my physio can help. Treatment starts next week to rebuild my leg into exercising with no pain. The thought of running again is a dream. I just hope it is a dream come true. 

In the meantime I am hunting for Betty Crocker money trees.  

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