Wednesday, June 18, 2014

kicking goals

Chores are not cool. I am not into them either, and my littles definitely aren't into them. However they are learning that when something needs to be done, you just need to get in, get your hands dirty and nail it on the head.

We even have a list of chores on the fridge so we can get out of the house in the mornings. It seems to work; sometimes it is still chaos. However that is life with little people, the chaos is part of the fun of raising children.

Keely did more than nail things on the head over the weekend. And it wasn't a chore, however it was a full day of commitment from her, with a few hours in between for some well deserved fun with her brother. Keely had her first ever gymnastics competition.

Her day started at 9:40am, hair plaited, and the way I was instructed to do it, her gymnastics outfit on underneath a warm jumper, borrowed from her brother. (It had a zip through, Keely didn't own any zip throughs. Didn't want to ruin the hair! So Keely rocked a cropped hoodie; it is the fashion apparently). 

In the car Keely sat next to me, and said, 'mum I can feel things in my tummy. I think they are butterflies!'

The butterflies left her tummy, or at least she didn't show she had them. That day Keely did more than show me her own commitment with a sport and her love for it. She taught me some valuable lessons. Yes, I am older and wiser and should know all of these things. However when you are in a bit of a hole trying to dig out again, you need all the little signs you can grab from a day, a moment, or from others. I took her guts, and woke up Monday morning with a huge step in my day.

Keely put the music in my ears with her first solo clarinet concert on the same day as her gymnastics competition.

This week, we are all on a bit of a high, and the shiny medals Keely sleeps with are a reminder that when you truly believe in yourself, you can achieve the ultimate goal. 

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  1. Awesome stuff Hayley, it sounds like a perfect weekend!



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