Monday, June 23, 2014

one huge leap to awareness

One foot in front of the other, one step at a time; with a little skip in between.

As the week goes on the skips will get closer together. Tomorrow the announcement is set to be made for the Ditto in a box to be placed in all NSW public primary schools. And my biggest personal achievement will be Thursday when I hand over one of the first educational boxes to my children's school.

For a few months it has been a tough ride, and hard to feel *proud of what I have achieved. I do believe the moment where that box is passed on to help over 500 students each year, in just that one school, I will feel proud in helping children to be safe, and feel safe.

I truly hope from here it opens up a lot of doors that I have held up in my head, and I can find a safe and happy path in doing a whole lot more to create more awareness across Australia, and to keep protecting my children too.

Next step, surgery, which I am ironically having in child protection week. No cycle this year.

It is the year of recovery, hope, and a few moments of skipping in between.

*I know I have helped my children, and hopefully I will help your children

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