Wednesday, January 25, 2012

today we....

jumped in puddles, raced on our skateboards around the warehouse, and played hide n seek, we drove over the bridge, saw friends, had a lunch date, shopped together, and ate ice cream.

Today Keely and I had our last day together, just the two of us, before school goes back. For me this has been the best time. It has been a juggling act at times, although I would not have had it any other way. I think it is nice Keely sees what I do for a full day with Little and Lady Pinwheel. She has been helpful, and at times in the way. I am going to miss my little sidekick; the mini pinwheel worker. {If you bought from the little or the lady in the last 6 weeks, it is highly likely this mini pinwheel girl helped pack your order with a whole lot of love}.

We bonded.

I love being her mum, and most of all I have loved being her friend these 6 weeks.

Year one here she comes!


  1. Here I was thinking keely would be snuggled up at home watching movies! Hahaha. What an awesome day. Glad your last day together was so much fun!!!!

  2. wonderful impressions from you sweet two...;)...fine that you had such a great time with her...and so much fun...i wish you a wonderful creative week and so much more, my dear friend...always with you...take care...a big hug frrom good old germany...cheers...i...

  3. Sweet matching saltwaters! My Cappers is off to Year 1 on Monday, Maxi Year 2 and The Badoo to pre-school. It's on! x

  4. She's a beautiful girl who is growing up so fast. Credit to you for all your hard work at being the best mum you can be!



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