Thursday, January 12, 2012

99 bottles of keely on the wall

Am I the only parent that wants to bottle up my little people so they stay little? There are moments that I would love to bottle up and keep forever. They can be as simple as a look they give you, or a more complex conversation you share with them, or even something you witness from afar.

The summer school holidays are the holidays as a little person I remember the most. They are the times I would spend down the south coast with my mum, or at home together. {Simple memories remembered from the things I am sharing with my own daughter}.

The smell of a barbeque, going to the movies, swimming at the beach, riding her bike, playing on our new skateboards together, and creating a home movie session; these all bring back memories of my holidays with my mum.

Moments I am sure my mum bottled up, I now bottle up, and without even realising it, I have opened my mum's bottles myself, and shared them with my daughter.

To walk holding my girl's hand, to have her share more of my business with me, and for her to share more of herself with me has been a bottling moment. One day I hope Keely opens my bottles with her children.

Are you opening bottles, and putting bottles on your shelf. Are you loving the holidays?

{There is a part of me that is finding the holidays hard with my own business. I cannot work the same way, but I am taking the positive, which completely out weighs the negative, and creating memories for my daughter and myself..... Keely rocks}!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful post.
    I am having a ball with my little guy. Today we went into the city to have some fun in the museum and then met my husband for dinner. Little guy spilt apple juice all over himself but that was cool. We just took his shorts off, so he was rocking a nappy in the swanky Westfield food court. He was really good so we got him some ice cream for dessert. There was this perfect moment when he and my husband went off together to choose an ice-cream and he was just trotting along, so excited to be getting an ice cream and just in a nappy and a wet t-shirt. He was bobbing with happiness and I could have burst.
    You are right - it's small things, little moments. they are the big things we fill our bottles with.

  2. Your words are so perfect, Hayley. I ave been thinking a lot about the bottling moments myself. I miss my little people year to year but I always thank my lucky stars that even more wonderful.

    1. ... don't know what happened there! ... even more wonderful bigger kids take their place every year. x

  3. Oh how much I hear you... I love how they are growing as they are becoming great buddies for me and each other but I just want to stunt their growth and make it last longer. I know I will enjoy every stage as Bron says but can't help wanting to create a huge cellar of bottles..... Such a fabulous vintage they will be for my Kids to open up later in life x



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