Tuesday, January 3, 2012

achieving for you

Happy new year!

The year of opportunities is over, and a new year with new dreams is here. Last year my beautiful friend, Karen, was here from the UK to spend time with me. We talked about New Year resolutions, made our own resolution with one word; opportunity.

the family christmas day portrait*

When I look back at the year I cannot believe some of the things I did. It is more the reflecting on the images that document the weeks that I walked with my little people. Together we created a whole new life. At times I did not think I could do it. But when I look around at our new home, I realise we did it. We sold the old, and started with the new. {It is so much more than setting up a new home, and so much more than selling the old. We have done huge together}.

One of the opportunities throughout the year was opening my whole business to create more for the Pinwheel future. I also opened myself up for more with my running. For the one thing I loved to do, just because I enjoyed it, has turned into more than just the love, it has become a passion, and part of my life. It is something I am hungry for and 2012 will prove to me how far I can take this.

Karen and I have come up with our one word for 2012. We wanted it to be something for both of us again, and Karen came up with the perfect word; the perfect New Year resolution.

2012 is the year of achievements.

This year will see Little Pinwheel, and Lady Pinwheel grow. It will show me how much I can personally achieve with my own determination to succeed. My running is going to step it up, and I have already started by creating more opportunities to lead into the potential achievements. I have races booked in, and by July I will be a marathon runner. From here, I am dreaming big. If I can achieve what my own body and mind can push me to accomplish, then the second half of the year will be exceptional.

The year of opportunities has opened my head, and my heart to show me that this year can be a year of achievements; if I believe in myself. And this belief extends a whole lot further than pounding that pavement.

Do you have a new year resolution? I love hearing what others would like to achieve or accomplish throughout the year. It is like we are able to clear the crap from the previous year, and start fresh.

One of Karen's achievements is to rock that guitar of hers. I cannot wait to hear her play, and I know she will achieve that one special song, and a whole lot more.

*we had a beautiful christmas, and hope you did too! I am loving these summer holidays, and right now missing my little people who have gone to visit their cousins. It is too quiet!


  1. i look forward to watching you achieve, i cannot wait for some of your goals to turn into reality! i'll be here at that marathon finishing line with a big "hell yeah" on your finish! x

    i have made one small new year resolution, and that is to give and do more for myself!

    happy new year pinwheels! mmmmmmmwah x

  2. Beautiful photo and awesome penny boards!!! I am sure you will do wonderful things this year.

  3. Achievements will see a beautiful year for you, Hayley. Celebrate every single one!! x

  4. your new year sounds most positive and inspiring.
    I wish you all the very best for your achievements & will be running with you in spirit & cheering you on.
    I wish for a healthier more energised me for 2012.
    big squishy hugs & much love to you Miss Hayley ♥

  5. Beautiful. Happy new year Hayley. xx

  6. merry christmas and happy new year from Boston, hope you've had a warm and sunny holiday! x

  7. Happy new year Hayley...great photo x

  8. Happy New Year to you Hayley! And to you gorgeous little people xxx



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