Monday, January 9, 2012

our moon

We look at the same moon. Every night we look at the same moon. That is the piece of information I give both my little people when they are on holidays without me.

taj: we are the same moon mum
me: yes taj we look at the same moon
taj: what about the other moon. where is that moon looking
me: sweetheart, there is only one moon
taj: oh mumma, that is beautiful we have our own moon

{I love our little bedtime conversations}

Nice to have them home. I missed their little giggles, those little arms wrapped around me as far as they can stretch, and their little sloppy kisses.

I love my little people to the moon and back.


  1. Oh that is divine... And that top picture belongs in a frame x

  2. They are such beautiful children, in every way! x

  3. What amazing photos and so well said!

  4. Could Taj be any cuter - sharing the moon with his mumma!



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