Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I still remember the girl in my street that I grew up with, Sarah. We were best friends. Playing in the street until we were called in for dinner by our mothers and playing early in the morning before school, and every moment we had free on the weekends. We roller-skated, rode our bikes, walked, and played with her guinea pigs. We played marbles in the dirt, swam in my pool, and ate blood plums off the tree out the back of my house. We bounced on my trampoline until dark, and we scrapped the rind off the lemons on the brick wall, and ate them like they were oranges.

Keely has her best friend, Nya.

They share chocolate waffles.

Hold hands.

Eat mallows together.

Swap clothes. (this one is awesome, as I found them in the change room changing outfits)!

They jump on Nya's trampoline together, they disappear into each others bedrooms for hours playing barbie dolls, and they play dress ups.

A beautiful 6th birthday spent with her best friend, and a day full of YES!

Best friends forever.


  1. Absolutely beautiful Hayley as always x

  2. Such a beautiful post. Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl and an amazing mum.

  3. How gorgeous are they both!
    I think I want a Nya in my life.

  4. Beautiful. I remember doing all those things as a kid too. You are a beautiful soul. Cindy

  5. Lovely! And I love how they have matching shoes!

  6. These two will break a few hearts when they're older. Gorgeous!

  7. Love! And those saltie sandals LOVE! :)

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  9. What a lovely post - it made me so nostalgic. Keely and Nya are too cute together!



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