Saturday, September 17, 2011

time to (over) think.

When one feels down on themselves they catch up with girlfriends. They boost you up, make you feel awesome, and beautiful.

When one travels on their own they go to their local community to feel all of this. Living right near the gay community in San Francisco rocks. You are instantly made to feel awesome and beautiful by the locals. I may not be the hottest chick in town, but I sure am meeting some fun ladies and men. Apparently the locals at the cool cafe I have been going to believe I am going to get myself an awesome man.

I have met a couple of really nice men on my travels, one kissed me, twice, and the other gave me his number, telling me he believed we would meet again. Nice line! The men in America have no fear. Or maybe it is me having no fear. I am talking to people, making friends and letting my protective guard down.

In two sleeps I run my first race. I believe this will be the icing on the cake for me. This is the start of a life full of chasing marathons all over the world, being me with less fear, and showing my children just how much their mum has grown as a person. I knew this trip would be life changing. I just didn't realise how much I would change.

I do have fear of my first race, but I believe no matter how much I have grown, there would still be fear. On Sunday, Australia's Monday, whilst you sleep, I will run for me. I will run holding my mum's hand, and alongside my children. (I miss them).

In Castro, San Francisco, my name is Baby. And nobody puts Baby in the corner.

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