Friday, September 2, 2011

T is for taj, and....

Today was all about the tantrum. Throw yourself on the ground and flick, and have a big bellow of a scream. You know the one where everyone turns and stares at you. Taj had that one.

I could feel my feet dance. I had tears streaming down my cheeks. I was screaming on the inside. I walked away.

Keely looked with horror on her face, as I walked away from Taj.

I stood a few metres away from Taj. Keely stood in the middle, unsure of where to go. I have never walked away before. I stood there, took deep breaths, and waited until Taj had calmed down. He didn't calm down.

Time for the scooped up football hold.

My little people are feeling it. They know their mummy is going away. Keely had a day at home with me. She said she didn't want to go to school. I said it was fine, and she could be with me.

I am going to miss my little people. And after today's tears, tantrums, and triumphs, I know they are going to miss me.

The weekend is here. And I am going to rock it with both my little people, with all of the Ts that come along with being a parent.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. What a wise Mummy you are.
    Here's to a wonderful weekend of huge hugs and lots of fun shared together.

    xx Felicity

  2. T is also for Tomorrow - a new day :)

  3. Know exactly the type of much fun!



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