Sunday, September 4, 2011

bon voyage

My head is a little all over the place. I am ticking off my list in my head, and hoping that when I hop on the plane I will have it all done. One clear head.

I have had the best weekend. The sun was shining. I had beautiful friends by my side, and my little people had a whole bunch of their friends to create chaos with. I am looking forward to going; and I know I will look forward to coming home to the life I have. I am very lucky.

There are two little people that I will miss. My little people that light me up inside. I know that when I kiss them tomorrow night after our special dinner, my heart will break a little. To go to bed in our home without those little ones here will be hard.

Thank goodness for skype.

I will leave it at this. My next post will be from the USA.

{Rock on}


  1. oh wow! hope you have the most awesome time!!
    be safe and take care of you. xx

  2. Bon boyage indeed, have a safe & happy trip. Your children will miss you but imagine those cuddles when you reunite, love Posie

  3. hello my dear...still back from vacation...and see you will go to your big trip...wish you all the best, and an exciting time and so many delightful moments for your heart...which you could share with your sweet little ones when you will back again...take care...and much love...cheers and a big hug...i...



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