Friday, September 9, 2011

on the plane

I am on a rollercoaster jet plane. The plane has no turbulence; I do. A mixed bag of emotions as I leave behind a life that is different; different to what I dreamt it being. I am different. I have changed.

For the better?

A hard question to answer for one self. I am not sure if we ever know the answer to that. We forever change, and grow as people. I guess they call that life.

I miss my little people. I miss kissing them goodnight. We look at the same moon. I told both my little people this as I walked away with tears streaming down my cheeks. I love them to the moon and back.

This trip is for me. I am doing this to grow more. To see the growth I have already had. To have my midlife crisis. To run my first race. To start this whole new life I have begun.

I sit next to my beautiful friend. We both do this trip for ourselves. For our own reason. The one thing we do together is hold our mum's hands, and be us; be me.

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