Monday, September 19, 2011

the race; my race.

This post is written from the words I just wrote in my personal traveling journal. I share because I am proud of what I achieved today.

Today I did huge. I danced 21km, 13.1 miles around Lake Merced, San Francisco. The main focus of my vacation was this day. My first race. My first half marathon with other runners.

I felt ready. All the things that my coach had said to me was playing over and over in my head. I knew I could run. There was no questioning my ability to run. There were nerves. Of course there were. I was in a different country, and running my first race.

I ran for me. I also ran for my mum. This was my race to reflect all that I lost with my mum dying. Five years, and today I believe I made her proud. Prouder than any other achievement. I ran with my children in my heart.

18km into the race I stopped. I stood still for maybe 30 seconds. Out loud I said, "what the f*#k am I doing?" I thought about everyone that means something to me. I put all of them into my last 3km. Before I took off, I said, "suck it up princess Blease!"(Thank you Anita for your ace words. They helped me more than you will ever know).

By this stage my legs were hurting. But when I saw the finishing line, I took all that was in me, and powered those legs. I looked at the time that stood above the finishing line. I knew I was going to beat the time my coach had set me for this course. That in itself made me feel awesome.

To have my best mate at the finishing line was something I will never forget. He came especially to see me, to support me, and to yell out, "Go you Aussie!"

Right now I am asleep. The fatigue is taking over, and the beer is going down a treat. I am still on the biggest high.

I did it.

When it comes down to it, those are the most important words. It does not matter what time you finish, what place you came, what the course was like; what matters is that every person that started, finished.

I did it. And this is just the beginning.

(thank you to my coach.... you rock)!


  1. You make life happen! all the best ! high five from Seattle

  2. Wow! I think you're awesome! You should be so proud of yourself ... xx

  3. Congratulations, you really are amazing!!!!

  4. Congratulations! What an amazing achievement. You go girl! x

  5. Amazing achievement.. got exhausted just reading it and knowing you made it puts a smile on my face... you go girl!

  6. wonderful!!! well done Hayley. Safe travels home XO

  7. I can't believe I just read this post. Congratulations beautiful momma! You did it!

  8. Very cool, training for a reason is something I do, training for a race is something I love. Well done you. Onwards and upwards.. what is next? x

    1. a little local race as part of my training week, then sydney half marathon champs, and the big gold coast full. I love it! xx



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