Saturday, September 10, 2011

cruising the sunsets

There is so much I can say. There is a lot I have done in the past few days, and to be honest I am finding it hard to find the words. I am very much into vacation mode, (I even have the american words going on. This is not a holiday, this is a vacation), and I am loving how my whole body and mind has gone into some kind of relaxation state.

I have been to Ocean Beach, near San Diego.

Witnessed the most amazing sunset, that went on.....

and on.

Walked the street. Had the best mexican I have ever had, $2 fish tacos, and $2 beers. A very cool diner brunch the next day.

Then cruised up to Santa Monica to do the shopping part of the trip. Hello Nike. Hello trainers, and running gear. Hello full suitcase.

Rocked Venice Beach. (more images to come of this ace place. That memory card is still in the camera). Met an awesome couple of guys, and a few ace chicks. Unfortunately my phone is not working, so did not get any messages from them. Hopefully they email, or read the blog to know they need to email. It is nice to meet cool people, and we have not stopped meeting the nicest people.

Fitting in like a couple of locals.

We are rockin' highway ONE for the weekend.


  1. just got nostalgic for my LA days and have spent many a weekend in Ocean Beach eating far too many $2 tacos - enjoy vacation mode.

  2. so fine that you have just these wonderful days...;)...and get in relaxing mood...oh, yeah, go little pinwheel lady and rock the highway one...wish you much fun and some magical moments on the coast...take care...cheers...and hugs...i...



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