Sunday, April 22, 2012

we heart sundays

early snuggles, and silly buggers
hide and go seek
morning walk in the sun towards an adventure

on a mission to fill that bucket with goodies

discovering something white on a rock, to find out it was only bird poo (i love my little guy. love that bird poo is cool to him)
a bucket full of shells for craft and sandcastles
walking backwards on the black sand

keely holding the shark egg we found on our adventure
finding the wobbly rocks, which were called, 'surfboards'

the little people do not have all the fun. this hill was huge, and oh so fun

keely flying... ironically she made it to the bottom, even with air like this

I discovered a heart rock.... sums up our sunday and adventures

rock art
the paddle back to the car
our sunday was full of adventures, giggles, and a whole lot of fun. we heart sunday

what did you do this sunday?


  1. Love the heart rock - I found a little heart shell on our honeymoon in Fiji and framed it. My Sunday was spent meeting a very new baby - yesterday my cousin had a super sweet boy called Leon.

  2. beautiful ! thanks for sharing !!! :)

  3. Love this Hayley, looks like an awesome Sunday! Hope you took that heart shaped rock home?? x

  4. what is a shark egg? It looks rad!

  5. Hurray for Sundays. LOVE your heart rock. Have you tagged it on instagram #myheartwanders

    Hee is our Sunday

  6. Which beach is that Hayley?



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