Tuesday, April 24, 2012

my little kick returns

The little kick that stood by me, that sung in the backseat of our car, that asked me where we were going to next, and that made me smile big everyday, has gone back to school.

We had adventures, we had a whole lot of girl time, and my little girl grew so much more. We started to read more second hand books, (you know the kind that smell old, that actually are old, and that your mum and your mum's mum, would have read. The one that they cannot read by themselves, only you can. The big kids book with beautiful stories, with minimal illustrations, but huge imaginations; that kind). 

"Then she gave a spring and shot through the air, right through the window, and on to her bed at the very same moment that the door opened and her mother came in to tell her it was time to get up.

And it was a funny thing, but when she was dressed and went out to look at the mossy bridge again it was much farther from the house than she remembered. And there were no little shops on it - it was far too small!"

{a snippet of the Dawn Shops, And Other Stories, by Joyce Lankester Brisley}.

Keely drew the most I have ever seen her draw. She made a game out of paper, in which she built a whole table, playing cards, and used an existing dice. 

Today I was just on time for school drop off. I miss our mooching about, drawing sessions, and snuggles. Although, today we still did the same, and I think if we can do that, and turn up on the sound of the bell for the rest of the term. Why not. Why be in a hurry. Why miss out on those morning drawing sessions.

I miss you little kick!

Am I the only one that misses my little kick; sidekick?

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  1. Send your game in to BIG, Keely! bigkidsmagazine@gmail.com
    Beautiful post :)



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