Monday, April 16, 2012

rolling with the ace

School holidays are ace. I have had the best day hanging out with my girl. No real plans. Just winging it. Rolling with the day. Coffee and a hot chocolate, a mooch about the shops, building her own teddy bear, icy pole at home, packing orders, colouring in, an afternoon movie with her brother, and instant mother of the year with porridge for dinner*.

Do you plan your school holidays? Somedays we roll with it, and other days we do the normal, like seeing a flick together or play dates with friends. I quite like the simple things, like colouring in, reading a book together, and doing a spot of craft. We collected shells, and we are going to make a friendship bracelet or necklace for one of her special friends.

*I know not the best mum today, but sometimes you need to roll with what you have, and right now I have two tired little people, and a mum that does not want to argue......Ok, to be honest, I received my little people back from a weekend with their daddy. They had two very late nights, they are both a little sick, and sometimes I too want to be the "cool" parent!!


  1. You did GREAT! Every day I wing it, this morning we had a special morning out shopping and a treat at a cafe but the rest of the time we have very normal, boring home days. Makes School seem all the more enticing right?

  2. You don't have to justify porridge for dinner at all hayley!! Porridge is sooo good for you and for little growing bodies. Fills them up, comforts tired bellies and sets them up for a great sleep. Sometimes winging it is best too. Kicking back on the couch can be just what the doctor ordered and a great way to rest. I think packing too much in to the holidays can defeat the purpose - having a holiday! X



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