Tuesday, April 17, 2012

puckering up

Did you know that the new 15 is 6?

I thought the experimenting with kissing girls was in your teens? It was hilarious to watch these two best friends kiss over and over again in the cafe, and then talk about it for the next hour. Keely giggled as I answered her question with a, 'yes', I did tell Nya's mumma that they kissed.

Keely also told me today that she had a, "man look," when she was looking for a bag, and she could not find one. Clearly I am teaching my daughter a little too much about the opposite sex. I only have myself to blame for the 15 year old in the 6 year old body.

I hope your day rocked, and you too had some giggles with your little people!

What fun, {valuable}, lesson have you taught your little people?

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