Wednesday, April 4, 2012

celebrating under the stars

Little Pinwheel is turning the big three this long weekend. That means my mum will also be celebrating a birthday up on the moon. I know if my mum was still alive she would have given her friends hell about her birthday falling on the long weekend. I have no doubt there would have been some crazy girls weekend booked in. And now I get to give her a party on our crazy camping weekend.

We are getting our camp on with all the little people. This will be our first new family trip. I cannot wait to see my little ones eyes light up as they see a campfire, toast marshmallows, spot bush animals, drive on the beach in a 4wd, and sleep closer to the stars.

I asked Taj if the bunny will still be coming when we are not at home, and he answered, "yes mum. He will drop all the eggs in the sand. We will have to hide them, and find them!" I of course told Taj that the easter bunny hides them, and then he finds them.

To Taj: one more sleep buddy! {he has asked for the past two weeks to go NOW}.

Rock your easter weekend!

Happy number three to Little Pinwheel, and to my beautiful mumso. I miss you.

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