Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LMNOP issue 8

The long awaited LMNOP magazine is on the stands.... well the world wide web stands ready for your download! This issue is all about New York, style, fashion, shopping (oh the shopping), food and life.

A great feature about this issue is it introduces Little Pinwheel's featured International Designer, Nelly Chen with her amazing and beautiful label Nellystella due to hit Little Pinwheel February 2010. You must check out the styling for this spring shoot, the images are divine.

We advertised again this issue as it allows Little Pinwheel to reach the International customers; to show the rest of the world we are here and showcasing some of Australia's best designers. (And because I love LMNOP, always a good read with a cup of herbal tea). The ad was fun to design and reflects my creative side and the playfulness of Spring time with our children.


  1. Love it! Good on you, they are beautiful photos.

  2. love Nelly Stella what a fabulous addition to Pinwheel



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