Sunday, September 20, 2009

a boy birthday party

As the children get older we are invited to more and more parties. I find it very interesting what other mother's do for their children's birthdays. Today we had a 4 year olds birthday, a boy's party, for one of Keely's dear friends, Liam.

I am finding most parties now have some type of theme and todays was a super hero party. The birthday boy's mum, Emma, had it all organised; the party food was a mixture of treats and fruit, she had great games organised and a HUGE backyard to host the party in. There was also food for the parents, egg and bacon rolls, perfect for a 10am party!

The games played were the breaking of the pinata (how hard are they to break), egg and spoon race (love a good egg and spoon race) and the best one would have to be the bucket of water bombs that each child got to collect and throw at their dads who were all lined up in a row!

It was a party that was simple, not over the top and it would be up there with one of the best parties I have been to. We walked away with a very happy little girl, who was not high on sugar and who was tired from running around playing with her boyfriends.

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