Wednesday, January 28, 2015

smiling right back with invisalign

The promise of more blog posts, and I don't even know what to post first! I will share the images of the weekend in the mountains tomorrow I hope. For now, I want to share my huge smile. 

It has been a long process with Invisalign. Back in 2012 I wrote a blog post about why I wanted to pay for a new smile. Damn bulimia had me when I was younger, and I have sadly suffered on and off throughout adulthood from the result of being sexually assaulted. I can only wish I punished myself in another way. However I guess I am able to fix the damage he had done to my smile and my confidence. The confidence may be ongoing, however soon the effects of bulimia will soon be behind me.

Over 2 years on, and I am still wearing plastic over my teeth. Although, I am not complaining at all, and wouldn't do it any other way. I paid to have the smile I have always dreamed of, and it is so close to being finished. {WOO HOO}! The top is finished, {again, as I had to have a refinement done due to the bottom not moving properly}, and the bottom now has about 10 weeks to go. 

The next process will be replacing my two crowns in the front, bleaching my teeth, so you need to wear sunglasses to talk to me, and then BOOM, you will see a lot more toothy pegs from this chick. I have to say it is a pretty awesome gift for me to give to my children. They may be my teeth, my straight smile, however I have noticed my daughter smiling with a mouthful of teeth beaming right back at me. I am grateful that my gift to myself will be a gift to those around me. 

You can't help but smile too when someone smiles at you.


  1. Who did you use hun? I want to do the same x

    1. hi tessa! I see Natalie Chung at Dee Why dental. She is fabulous. Been seeing her for years. She is in the new centre now, used to be over the road. I saw results within the first few weeks... really impressed! x



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