Wednesday, January 21, 2015

fresh vegetables and herbs by our green thumbs

The green thumbs are out in force as we start to create our vegetable garden. It is only the beginning, and already we have some good looking basil, and the start of some tomatoes. I truly hope we are picking our own food, and not succumb to possum eaters. 

Not only did we get into the pots and egg cartons, the littles played schools in their newly designed room. Nothing spectacular in design, the room just has the addition of a new desk for Keely and Taj to do their homework on. We also put the bookshelf upright to help create some more space in their room, and packed a lot of their toys into spaces in the cupboard. 

Next we will be setting up the desk to make a space that they both feel comfortable to work from.  For now they have it overrun by lego men with their trucks and spaceships. 

We are loving school holidays and planning a trip to the mountains this weekend before the end of the holidays are upon us. I am loving this time with my little people and I have no doubt I will find the silence during the days a little too much when they go back to school. The mountains will be full of bush walks, a hopeful photo shoot for some of the new winter threads about to hit the little pinwheel website, and of course some downtime enjoying the country air. 

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