Thursday, August 2, 2012

wearing my flying pants in melbourne

I used to be that scared little kid. You know the one that would hide behind their mum's legs? That was me. It was also me when I was in my early 20's. It was also me just over a year ago, although I had no legs to hide behind anymore. A year ago I was about to hop on a plane to melbourne. I was on an adventure to live out of my own safe zones. It was the first time I went to a restaurant on my own. Little did I know that one outing, which now seems so small in comparison to the other achievements in the past year, would change me as a person. 

The little girl is now the fly by the seat of her pants girl. She is a little crazy with the dreams that she has going on in her head. I am feeling somewhat spontaneous right now. That spontaneous I am thinking of booking a flight to San Francisco, and running the half marathon again. The same race I did last year; my first ever race.

I have no idea if this will become reality, but I am going to have to decide within a week. Ironically I am about to hop on a plane again to go to melbourne tomorrow, stay on my own, even with an invite of camping it with a friend in her home, I still opted for my own space. It is the freedom of being able to wake up just before the sunrises, and run out the door for a training session without disturbing anyone else. I am also not scared anymore. That in itself is an awesome feeling. 

The other crazy idea is taking my girl with me to San Fran. My guy best friend moved there, (the same one that came and watched my race last year), and he is missing Sydney. Imagine giving him a little bit of Sydney! 

I love dreams. Especially when they become reality.

Have you ever done the last minute thing. No real thought, and just jumped in the deep end?

*I think I will plan it a little better, do a different race over there, hire a truck again, and cruise highway one, have a $2 taco in Ocean Beach, and make it more real instead of a rushed week long dream. 


  1. Do it! You go girl. I would if I was given half the chance. Is that Ocean Beach in the images? It looks beautiful. Enjoy Melbourne x

  2. Im off to San Fran in about 5 weeks time! Looking forward to the trip ... $2 tacos sound good!

  3. I miss vegetarian burritos. So cheap and oh so good. Try them some time from a taco truck. I lived in San Diego a while ago right near Pacific Beach which isn't far from Ocean Beach. I use to love cruising on my bike along the board walk.



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