Wednesday, August 15, 2012

little pinwheel life

We need to shut the front door, and lock it. We have created the fun house, and once word gets around, everyone will be busting the door down.... Ok, so that is a little over the top. However, we are having fun, and we are a happy little family. I love the fact I smile big, and along with my smile is two huge smiles, and big laughs from my little people. It just goes to show we do truly shape our little people.

This is how we rocked a photo shoot. Hilarious. One outfit each, the timer, myself, Keely and even Taj behind the lens. I have two budding photographers on my hands. {Both little people wore the new Minti summer range with native shoes. I wore the new Tluxe skirt, LNA coral colour tee, and native shoes}. 

I love my little people, and how they create a life in little pinwheel.


  1. ca-ute side hair blease! i love it when you dress girly. you look amazeballs! love this outfit. and the kids of course rock, as always! xx

  2. You are such a cool crew! Such an inspiration!



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