Wednesday, August 22, 2012

my missie munster and little munster

The way we roll sometimes is all about the chaos. It is fitting things in when you truly do not have the time to fit them in, and somehow completely pulling it off. I was on Skype this morning with my ace friend, Karen, and at the same time as talking to her I was cooking porridge, cleaning up, and then getting organised for a photo shoot before school drop off. Karen stuck around, sat on the table, and watched what we do with this part of our little pinwheel life.

I would not have it any other way. I guess when you really want to get things done, you just find the time. It may not be about good time management, mostly just a freak of nature in this home! And with that freak of nature, we capture moments that I know I will treasure forever. 

The best thing I find with photographing my little people, is that the one image you think is going to suck ends up being the best image. Taj rolling around on the floor, and snap, a moment captured that shows both of their personalities.

Keely is sporting a new long bob haircut, and an awesome straight bang, (fringe). Love her confidence!

Rock your week. We are blessed to have a photographer offer to take images of us doing our thing on the weekend. I cannot wait to see the results, and for someone to capture our candid moments as a little family. I also have a race on sunday, and I feel the best I have felt in the past 18 months of training. Good headspace, an awesome coach, amazing supportive friends, and the two most beautiful little people will drive me to run well on Sunday, and lead me into the more important race next month.

I cannot wait to write the blog post that says I am a success in running. I am not sure what will make me that success, but I am sure I will personally know when that comes. I think right now it is the belief that will get me over that line. Even this weekend to run well, not necessarily break any personal records, just to carry that strong head, and run with that smile on my face will be the start of the personal success.


  1. Excellent sounds awesome at your place x

  2. I agree with Jane! Honestly how you fit it all in, I will never know. The running in itself must take up a lot of time, and buying from your shop, you have always posted my order the same day. You are super woman! I am sure you will do well on sunday.

    K x



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