Monday, August 20, 2012

the perfect piece

Simple words back and forth with a friend, and something just clicks in the head. Life is like this puzzle we continually pull apart and put back together. At times the whole puzzle changes, and you are left with a new challenge in life. A whole new scene, and a new level of change. 

As my friend said, "you are a lucky lady...." And that I am. The reason is that I have the two most beautiful little people. You take everything else away from me. You put me on the street, with nothing else in my possession, except my little guy in one hand, and my girl in the other, and I will survive. I still have my running legs, they are part of me, and I don't need the shoes or the clothes on my back to run. I can run without them.

Sometimes we need to look at the puzzle we are working on, and realise that those pieces that you still have on the side are not always that important. If you have the main picture, you do not need anymore. Maybe you already have the perfect life? 

Then of course there are the missing pieces. We all have them. They can symbolise the things you would love to have in life, or the things, or people you have lost in life. I guess when it comes down to it, there is no perfect puzzle. Although I would like to believe there is that perfect piece that fixes the whole picture.

I hope you find your perfect piece.

{this post is for my beautiful friend Sophie, who lost her mother in law last night to cancer x}

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  1. Beautiful post, Hayley. It is true that children are the pieces that hold our life puzzles together. I hope that your friend finds all the pieces to help her through this hard time.



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