Tuesday, August 14, 2012

lavender and lamingtons

The little people and I have been busy with Little Pinwheel. It has been fun. Like a little production line. It is a busy time of year for the Little and the Lady.

our little production line

taj rocking the new summer eagle jumper with elbow pads

We had a lovely weekend remembering Nan-Nan. They picked fresh flowers, lavender, which Keely called lamingtons, picked up a rock each to give to me, as I apparently rock their world..... (So cute)!

The lamingtons, (lavender), made their way into the ocean for my mumso, and the rocks, well I kept them.

My mum didn't like coconut. It was her one thing that was a running joke amongst her friends. So Keely calling the lavender, lamingtons was perfect. More than she will ever know!

Got to fly.... meet the birdman, from the new Minti Summer range.

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  1. Beautiful images! I think your mum would be really proud of you. The way that you still teach your children about her is a sweet thing to do. x



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